What should I expect after a Laser Hair Removal treatment?

Immediately after treatment your skin may be slightly red with small red bumps present around the hair follicles that were treated. This is completely normal and is a sign of an effective laser hair removal treatment. Your skin should return to normal within a few hours of treatment.

The use of an aloe vera gel can help calm and soothe the skin immediately after laser hair removal. The use of a cold compress, such as a cold, wet facecloth or flannel, can also be used to help calm minor skin irritations.

Within 1-2 weeks the treated hairs should begin to shed from the skin as they are pushed out of the follicle. The use of an exfoliating scrub or loofa while bathing can help to loosen any hairs during the shedding process. After shedding is complete you should have a period of a few weeks where the treated areas are hair free.

Since hair growth occurs in different cycles, your next treatment will target any hair growing in the treatment area. This cycle of shedding and treatment is repeated until the desired results are achieved. This usually occurs with between 4-6 treatments.

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